Roller Skating

Thur. Jan. 2, 1913

Oh this has been a lovely day! This morning Esther and I went out to White’s lake skating this morning it was lots of fun but so different from roller skating it was hard for me. The whole lake is frozen over it seems to queer when there is no snow on the ground. This P.M. mamma and I went shopping. I got a new pair of shoes and my sweater & oh I’m so glad to have my sweater. This evening I went with Parker to Paul Shackeltons rollerskating party oh it was glorious! May & Tommy, Mary Munro & Don Strickland, Monty and Harvey Pettit, Mildred and Paul, B. Freeman & Bob Angle, and Parker and I went it was fine. I fell once at first when my skate came loose but I got along pretty well otherwise. I skated almost all the time with Parker but once with Bob Angle he’s a fine skater and we fairly flew around! Oh I enjoy skating so much. It’s most 12 and school tomorrow!

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