Jan. 7-9, 1914

Wednesday 7 (January 1914)

Went to school. This morning Earl Belcher asked me to give a toast at the Baracca Banquet and I told him I would let him know tomorrow. I’m always being pestured[sic] with such things and I have vowed never to give a toast. But I’ve refused the Baraccas two other years and I don’t know how to get out of it. I think its awful to have your whole meal spoiled by the idea that you have got to give a toast! This afternoon I write up chemistry experiments and this evening the Patterson girls came up so I didn’t get any studing[sic] done.

Thursday 8

OO* Went to Y.W.C.A. cabinet girls spread after gymnasium and it was fine. Studied studied!  didn’t go to prayer meeting so that I could get some of my work caught up. Well I just finished outlining a long Eulogy of O’Connell by Wendall Phillips and as its 11:35 I’ll say goodnight.

Friday 9

Went to school. This P.M. I had Chemistry lab. This evening I went to (Greek letters K TT). and we had an impromptu program and to my horror I was suddenly called on to make a speech. Something about why we should pay our dues well I got up there and talked a while and said something or other. Those impromptu meetings are lots of fun when you aren’t called on.

* OO = school

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