Jan. 14 & 15, 1913

Tues. Jan. 14, 1913

I’m cross! I’ve lost my other fountain pen and I haven’t a lesson for tomorrow. I can’t get Latin and can’t get math and I haven’t gotten German so there and I’ve worked and studied and I’m so tired & sleepy I’m going to bed. I almost believe it’s a true fact  the joke in our Index this month it says “A woodpecker lit on a Freshman’s head and settled himself to drill, He bored away for half a day and finally broke his bill.”

This P.M. the executive comm. of the Freshman class met at my house and had a discussion  we’ve decided to have our party next Monday night & some other things “Jimmy” is certainly comical.

Mock trial.  Wed. Jan. 15, 1913

OO skipped Latin. This P.M. Esther came down and we got our Livy then I got English. This evening after having a very serious talk with Papa, I went with Ralph to a mock trial at the College given by the Sherwood’s & Eurodelphian societies. It was good. The jury was a mixture of men & women  Elsie Kappen was dressed like a baby and was held by Ethel Thomas who was dressed so perfectly crazy that you couldn’t recognize her.  Prof. MacEwan was judge [and] it was real funny  I had quite a discussion about “Etiquette” with Ralph tonight—we had lots of fun. Attorney Carney was critic.

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