Mon. Jan. 20, 1913

Freshman Roller Skating  Mon. Jan. 20, 1913

Oh diary its 2:00 A.M. and I’m so tired I’m going to write this tomorrow!

OO this P.M. I wrote on my criticism until I went to gym  Played a little basket ball  E. & I won easily. Hurried home and got ready stopped for Helen, and Frances Haskell (she certainly has a beautiful home) Then we met the crowd and went out to the Rink at Oakwood. There were about 45 or 50 on the floor so it was a little crowded. Oh I had a grand time, I can skate better everytime I go out there. Some of the girls fell most a dozen times but I kept my feet though I had some pretty powerful head on collisions and once found myself doing the Highland fling with Mr. Goss. I laughed and laughed to watch some of them go. I enjoyed staking[sic] with Hosmer Stone ever so much  he’s a fine skater and we went round and round.  I skated quite a while with “little” Walker and I like him lots better than I imagined I would. Mr. Philo is real nice but not an extra good skater. Mr. Knappen is comical. I took Frances Haskel home (she makes a grand chaperon) then came up with Bates & Esther. Wrote on my criticism till after 2:00.

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