Jan. 21 & 22, 1913

Tues. Jan. 21, 1913

OO in chapel this morning the faculty made such a fuss about the Washington Banquet being such an elaborate affair that Billy Rees made a motion that we go without carriages & boquets[sic] this year and it carried  Most of the girls passed it and most of the boys turned it down. I’m kind of dissappointed[sic] because I love to have flowers so much.  This P.M. Esther & I worked away on our Latin then took a walk we bought some cream puffs and went out on a side street and ate them with much difficulty.


Wed. Jan. 22, 1913

OO cut German. This P.M. I went to the Basket Ball games at the College they were great! First the Freshman beat the Junior 21-4  I was so happy. We’ve got the finest team. Then the Soph’s beat the Senior by a big score. Oh I hope we win from the Soph’s we’ve got a fine chance. Bishop did beautifully  I guess the girls know how to elect a good Captain. Came home with Ralph. This evening I went up to Ladies Hall and studied Latin with Verne Scudder, Lydia Beautauf, Gertrude Muculluck and Esther Lassfold.

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