Thurs. Jan. 23, 1913

Thur. Jan. 23, 1913

OO the Exams. were posted I have and Oh I’m scared of them

            English            Tues. A.M

            German           Wed. P.M.

            Latin                Wed. A.M.

            Math                Thur. P.M.


This P.M. I skiped[sic] Hygiene and Gaynor and [I] went down town with mamma and got my Black Beaver hat trimed[sic] with Pink plumes and pink velvet. Then I came home and Gene washed my hair. This evening Helen and I went to Prayer meeting. It was a fine meeting. When I got home Parker called up and talked quite a while he wanted to know when he could come up  I told him “never” but he thinks I was fooling. He got a polite little note from Miss Foster the other night, because he took me home instead of her. He the same as said he was going to cut it out and wait for me. And I the same as said it wouldn’t do him any good.

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