Fri. Jan. 24, 1913

Eight Annual Baraca Banquet

Fri. Jan. 24, 1913

OO. This P.M. I studied then went down town and had my hair dressed. This evening I wore my cream satin dress & my new pendent[sic] (for the 1st time)  I didn’t like the way my hair was done extra well.  Well Ralph and I went to the Banquet and as he was toastmaster we were the “whole cheese.” The “eats” were fine and I had lots of fun with the folks around me. I ate olives and put about 14 lumps of sugar in Ralph’s coffee. I also peppered his ice cream when he had to see to something for a minute. But it was better for him not to eat it anyway as he had to speak. Well!! He made a fine toastmaster everyone was complimenting him & me about it, said we was best they ever had etc. We got slamed[sic] some of course but really not so much & badly as there might have been. Lloyd Tryon got something off about giving me a “pain” and Ralph Belcher got one on Ralph’s having his shoes shinned[sic] every Sunday before coming up here. One pretty bad one about Ralph beginning to perfer[sic] bridle-wreath. But the rest were impersonal. The toasts were all fine with the exception of Mr Hammonds, I didn’t like his very well.

Vera’s was very cute I was proud of her. Mrs. Smiths was beautiful it seems terrible to think that she wont be here next year. Everyone wanted to cry and Ralph introduced her just beautifully. Mr. Smith’s toast was also very elevating.

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