Feb. 1 & 2, 1913

Olivet concert.

Sat. Feb. 1, 1913

Slept late then got up and cleaned my room. Read “The song of the Syrian quest”  I think its beautiful it portrays the psalm in such a lovely way. Mr. and Mrs. Fryer and Mrs. Waitt came and They found out of a specialist in Chicagothat Mr. Fryer is going blind and that there is no help for him. Oh it seems terrible. They can’t let him know for fear it will weaken his mind.

This evening I went with Ralph to the Olivet concert  The glee club showed splendid training and it was really a fine program but somehow I wasn’t wildly enthusiastic over it. I guess because Olivet and Kazoo are such enemys[sic]. They seemed so lifeless compared with our boys. The chalk talk was good and there were some real comical songs and stories.

Sun. Feb. 2, 1913

Went to church and S.S. this morning I had an awful time with the boys and I sent them home before S.S. was out. Oh I wonder if I can manage them! This P.M. I read then played the mandolin accompanied by Mrs. Fryer  This evening Ralph came and we sat with the boys in church tonight and we had a terrible time, they taged[sic] us half the way home. But enough of that topic. We walked and walked after church  came home then went way up on Alamo avenue. Ralph was grand tonight he’s such a great big man that I can fairly feel his strength. He said he nashed his teeth the other night when he thought of P. being up here. I wonder if he did feel badly? After I got home I came in the house had a long talk with papa & mamma about boys.

Curator’s comment: This is the first time Claire has really expressed any kind of attraction to Ralph; and the fact that she’s concerned that he was jealous of Parker, shows her growing “fondness” for him.

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