Feb. 10 & 11, 1913

Mon. Feb. 10, 1913

OO. Helen Mange visited school with me today and stayed to dinner. This P.M. I took a bath and got my Latin with Esther. Then we went over and had our Physical Examination I’m 5 ft. 4 in my stocking feet. I weight 119 ½ lbs. I have “wonderful lung expansion” and a good heart. I practiced a while in the gymnasium and then came home. This evening Esther & I wrote all evening on an english paper. Uh! they are awful!! 

Tues. Feb. 11, 1913

OO this afternoon and evening I studied. This morning we had a Lincoln program in Open Forum that was fine. It was a very impressive service and it gave me great pleasure. I do not imagine that we can hear for many years more the story of mens personal contact with Lincoln from their own lips. This morning an old officier[sic] in the war told of a conversation that he while a young man, had with Lincoln. Lincoln had talked to him about the death and burial of his mother and also had advised him to the right. Oh the wonderful fineness of [the] soul of Lincoln, his great sincere heart. I love his memory. It stired[sic] my soul this morning to hear of a man so high and noble & godfearing.

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