Fri., Feb. 14, 1913

Freshman Sophmore[sic] Banquet.

OO. This morning I had a funny time with Kenneth trying to find someone for him to go to the Banquet with that would suit him. There is pretty poor pickings left at this late hr and such a time. I’m writing this in the P.M. and I guess he’s going to take Elizabeth Stetson and bribe Mr. Baulch[sic] to take the girl she was going with. We had a terrible time to find the name of the other girl I had to call May out of History class. This morning a beautiful big bunch of sweet violets and maiden hair ferns came up from the green house for me  no name but a heart pasted on the box. I know it’s Ralph because he loves violets so. Aunt Emma got a fine big plant from her S.S. class today. Well Hurrah for tonight.

            Now its after the Banquet and I’m home! I’ve had the best time I ever had at a banquet everything went off beautifully. There were 30 small tables placed in the shape of a heart each with red and white carnations, glass candle stick with red candle & shade. Fishers orchestra was playing and the walls and chandeleer[sic] were hung with arrow & hearts. The place cards were hearts “The Chicken” xyz were in shape of hearts with little red heart shaped pimentoes[sic] in the dressing poured over it. Everything was great  the ice cream was white with a strawberry ice cream heart in the middle.


Charles Fischer Orchestra of Kalamazoo, ca. 1915

             When I got there we were in the lower hall we girls had it fixed up that we were to sit near together & Kenneth fixed it up for Elizabeth & him to sit with Ralph & I but when we went up there was a mix up and Esther & Mr Bates sat with us. But we had more fun than a circus just plain fooling we didn’t care what we did so we stole eachothers things, fooled the waitresses caught the candle shade afire, and talked.  Ralph was great tonight. Kenneth gave Elizabeth violets too, I was glad I had mine. But the toasts were fine  I was so proud of Jimmy Hanloose our president  I shook hands with him for about five [minutes] afterwards. And Bessie did well too. “Toughy” was as good as ever on his toast “Finished” and I congratulated Mr. Shaffer on his work as toast-master.  Anna Montieth’s toast was especially witty   she certainly has brains. The Banquet didn’t let out untill[sic] after 12:00 then I stayed to help Ralph and the others clean up. I pulled down 100’s of hearts & things  folded lunch cloths and arranged chairs for chapel tomorrow. Well it’s 2:00 A.M. & I’m going to Bed. Edna came for today, brought my pearl ring.

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