March 24 & 25, 1913

Mon. March 24, 1913

It blew and stormed badly last night and in the paper today it said that it was a hurricane and terrible damage and lose[sic] of life all over the middle west. This morning I cleaned my room and this P.M. I did the ironing it was quite hard today. Then I received a phone message that Miss Ellett was in town so she came over to supper and Mrs. Thorne was also here.  Mrs. Thorne is planning a tour abroad and it was so interesting we traced her trip out on the map and it took all the evening  she is going all through Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, The Holy Land, Switsland[sic], Germany, France, England. Oh it seems wonderful to think of  I wonder if I will ever take a trip like that  Oh wouldn’t it be grand.  

Tues. March 25, 1913

Got up late. This morning I read and this P.M. after entertaining Elizabeth Hay and after bidding Mrs. Thorne goodby[sic], I went up into my room and read my book. Oh I love [the] book the best of any of George Elliots I have ever read   it is sad but there are so many deep truths and feelings in it that it makes it sweet to me. This evening Ralph came up and we got German together. I have no great pleasure in his society except at rare moments and I think I ought perhaps to stop going with him but a girl most has to go with someone and I like Ralph as well as any here I guess. I cannot help but think of someone and wonder if I will ever be with him again and if he will ever love me. Oh it most seems tonight as if I could most love that one.

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