Wed., March 26, 1913

Wed. March 26, 1913

Arose when the morning was well advanced. Then after breakfasting I walked down street with Miss Eugenia and, after quite a little difficulty, we selected and purchased a hat for myself; we brought it home with us and though my mother was not exactly satisfied with it still I decided to retain it as I had discovered nothing better for the amount we wished to pay. (Oh this correct writing is too big a strain)  This P.M. I went to Edith Wykel’s funeral and I almost disgraced the family name. You see the Kappa Pi’s were going in a body and we were to meet at Bessie Freeman’s at 1:45  well it was 1:40 before I started  I fairly ran down to Park St. and hurried down there looking for Bessie’s house with my math books under my arm and my ruler & compass in my muff. I saw folks going into a church and a funeral procession coming and it was 2:00 so I gave up my serch[sic] and dashed back up the street and into the church. I hid my books in the entry behind a rug and found Dr. Stetson and Prof. Praeger and told them I couldn’t find the girls so I hid in a little side room while the procession was going down the aisle and finally Dr. S. came and told me that the girls were at  the end of the procession so I ducked out and joined them and when we sat down I was at the end of the 1st row and after the pastors sermon a man touched me on the shoulder and the pipe organ began to play and he said I could walk around and view the remains  I was scared stiff to start so when we girls got up I stepped behind Bessie & made her go first. I was so afraid I would drop my ruler  Oh dear I’m never going to a church funeral again. Afterward I went to Bessie’s and we did math  This evening Ralph and I went to hear a National Baraca worker at the First Church. Skipped early and went to library.

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