April 10 & 11, 1913

Thur. April 10, 1913

OO. This afternoon I felt so queer. Sort of sick and add and all of a sudden right while I was studing[sic] with Esther & Helen I began to cry! And tonight I went to Prayer Meeting with Helen we walked over and on our way home I saw Ralph walking down towards the Church, on the opposite side of the street. We went on by without saying a word and came on home  we had a fine talk but just as we got to Helen’s house, Ralph came rushing up so he had caught up with me. Then we bade Helen a goodnight and took a little walk up on some high Hills and the wind blew so hard it just made me feel good. But I’m so nervous I just jump at every little noise. It’s my vaccination that’s making me this way, and I’m never going to be vaccinated again!   

Fri. April 11, 1913

OO This P.M. I went over to Gymnasium and practiced a little tennis  I will be glad to get out on the courts. Then Esther & I wanted to do something different so we took 5 cents and bought some of those all day suckers that are fastened on the end of sticks and came up the street sucking the tissue paper off. I guess everyone was shocked allright including Edith Bailey and Hazel Shaw who we called across the street to have a lick off our suckers. I laughed and laughed. This evening I went to the joint meeting of the Century Forum’s and Kappa Pi’s  it was a funny debated on the question Resolved that Kazoo College should make an endowment of $25 for a pest house. We had lime ice cream and maccarones[sic]

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