April 13-15, 1913

Walked to Galesburg.

Sun. April 13, 1913

This has been a perfectly beautiful day. The sun has shone and it was just cold enough to be plesant[sic] walking. This P.M. Ralph came up and we took the Main St. Car and went to the end of the line  then we walked and walked and walked some more. It was a ten mile walk to say the least and it said 13 m. on the railroad track  we got to Galesburg by turning South 3 mi.  We saw many beautiful things  clouds, birds, lakes, marshes etc. We found a deserted house which we inspected and I took a little piece of wall paper from it for my memory book. We rode home on the Interuban and after getting an “egg chocolate” to refresh ourselves we went to church then walked home   

Mon. April 14, 1913

OO This P.M. I studied Latin with Esther quite unsuccessfully for two or three hrs. then I went to gymnasium class and practiced tennis in the gymnasium. My I will be glad when we can play outdoors.  This evening I have been disparately[sic] trying to write a metrical translation of one of Horaces odes in “Alcaic Strophe” and it’s the hardest most fascinating thing I believe I ever did  its eleven 30 now and my brain refuses to work so I’m going to bed with only 3 paragraphs written. 

Tues. April 15, 1913

OO. Ralph lost in the Index election this morning  I guess it was quite a blow to him though of course he wont admit it. This P.M. Esther and I studied faithfully all the time after the first few minutes.  Helen came back today  poor girl she’s having such a time with her vaccination  it looks horrible. This evening Ralph came up but we didn’t do much of anything. We took a little walk I wonder if it isn’t right to take walks in the evening with boys? Papa doesn’t think it’s proper but all the boys and girls that I know do it.

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