April 16-18, 1913

Wed. April 16, 1913

OO this P.M. after a short Thalia practice I came home to study till the game. Then I went with Betty Stetson and Esther, I wouldn’t go with Ralph which made him quite pervoke[sic] but I can have more fun with a bunch of girls at a game. Everyone was surprised and happy over the ease with  which K.C. ran up the score  Oh it was great! 

I believe we have a championship team and the freshmen did finely.  Mr. Bates made a home run and several 2 baggers. Mr. Knappen let 3 men in and ran around 2 or 3 times. Mr. Zeedyke did good work on 3rd and Maclaurin pitched for a while in “Curly” Brambles place and put men out easy as pie  This evening Esther came up and we tried to do Latin.

First outdoor tennis!

Thur. April 17, 1913

OO. This P.M. I took my kodak over to school and took a roll of pictures  Oh! I hope they are good. One of Dr. Stetson and one of Bowen Hall. One of Bessie, Mary Barnett & Francis Barnett around a poll[sic] and one of “Jimmy” Houloose.  One of Mr. Chapman and one of Bessie & Jimmy. After writing a “fake” Hygiene paper I went up with Francis Haskell to Humphrey’s tennis court and played the first set of the year which I won 6-4. I’m all out of practice  I wonder if I will be any good at all this year. This evening I went to Prayer meeting and Ralph came for me  we walked home, got a soda and the moon was so bright that we sat down in our “perch” for a while. 

Fri. April 18, 1913

OO. This P.M. went down to the library to find my poem for Kappa Pi tonight   I had “Robert of Lincoln” Bryant and so I took a picture of the bird up to K.P. told a little sketch of the birds life and read the poem. I got along nicely with it and wasn’t afraid.  Ralph and I took Esther home as Mr. Bates didn’t come out tonight  he’s most laid up with a lame arm.

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