April 19 & 20, 1913

Sat. April 19, 1913

…May and Tommy and David Polaski and I played doubles at the normal courts. I can’t do anything and I think May is going to win the college tournament and Oh dear I want to win so badly.  If I only could play like I did last summer I think maby[sic] I could win. Tommy and May took the 1st set 6-2 and David and I got the 2nd set 9-7. Then we came home for dinner.  David has asked me to play in the college tournament with him isn’t that grand! I like him so well and he’s the best player in the college and Tommy is his equal. This P.M. May and I went back to the courts, beat a couple of boys 2 love sets then she beat me a set of singles 6-2. She can play lots better than I can now  Oh I wonder if my diary will record success or failure by June ninth. Then I played Bill Fort a set of singles and he won 8-6. Then Joe Mountain & I won a set from Bill and then Bill & I lost one to Joe. This evening I’m going to bed stiff and tired and lame, with my big toe bandaged and throbbing away like an engine and none of my lessons for Mon.   

Otsego by Automobile

Sun. April 20, 1913

Went to church and S.S. had 12 wigglers today. This P.M. Edna and James appeared in a new car that they are thinking of buying  It’s a cheap one but good. They can’t afford an expensive one just now but they will probably be rich enough in a few years. Well they invited Ralph and I to ride back with them so we did and we went like the wind. The agent, you see, was showing off the car. The ride was fine and the roads good. Then we inspected James new officies[sic] and they are fine 3 rooms and the newest office furniture. He will have 10 in the office by tomorrow. I guess Ralph was dully impressed. Then we went up to the house and had lunch  Ardith is so sweet! I took her picture. Came home on the train.

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