April 23-25, 1913

Track meet Freshmen vs. Rest of College

Wed. April 23, 1913

OO. This P.M. Elizabeth Stetson & I went to the Track meet and it was fine.  I don’t know when I ever so thoroughly enjoyed a track meet before. It was so evenly matched that part of the time we w ere ahead and part of the time the others.  If we had of won in the last event the relay race we would have won the meet.  We were ahead for 3 laps but on the last “Little” Walker had to be caught or he would have fallen and Bramble came in first. You see “Little” Walker was in almost every event and he was too fagged he had just jumped 19 ft 5 inches.  “Jimmy” Houllouse got it on the poll vaulting he went ______.   Mr. Bates got the discuss[sic] throw and we won first in ½ mile and a lot of seconds. I got several pictures  I hope they are good.  

Thurs. April 24, 1913

Went to school. This P.M. Esther and I skipped Hygiene and played tennis on the normal courts. Oh I will be glad if they ever get our College courts done. The men working on them work like snails. We played about 2 sets of singles and I was easily ahead. Then we played partners against a girl and boy who weren’t much good  after two sets we took another court and played a couple of sets with two young boys who were fairly good players  we got a set a piece. One of the boys was the younger brother of Glenn and Ruby Svoy.  This evening I went to prayer meeting and stayed a few minutes to choir practice then I came home accompanied by Mr. Payne and his dog “Judge.”  

Glee Club Concert.

Fri. April 25, 1913

OO.  Cut German. This P.M. I took a vacation. I printed about 40 pictures then read “The Silent Battle.” This evening Rev. Miles came and is staying here over night on his way to supply at Allegan. When I came down stairs to meet him he said “I’m sorry not to have the opportunity to meet your husband.” Gene aross[sic] and said “This is Miss Wight you must have missunderstood[sic] me.” Oh it was so funny  I almost flew out into the kitchen to laugh.  This evening I went to the concert with Ralph and it was fine. Just funny and clever all the way through it. It was at the Academy and a fine full house. The dormitory scene at the end was great and the hold up at the end. Mr. Fergerson certainly makes a good reader. They got an awful joke on “Pat” McEwan, about preparing a banquet in hell for him. Ken Payne did some good solo work with the club for Chorus. It’s a pity Mr Piper couldn’t sing.  J.B.L. Johnson took his place and it was a poor substitute. Harvey Petet is a good pianist and the whole thing was clever.  Afterwards we went to Medimbers and Gertrude Muccoluc and Mr. Ricks sat with us.

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