April 28-30, 1913

Mon. April 28, 1913

OO. I’m getting farther behind in my school work each day. It will be a marvel if I pass in everything. This P.M. Esther and I studied then I went to gymnasium class. This evening I went down to Helen’s to study but didn’t get much done. Papa came home from Menneapolis today  he was certainly treated royally while he was away. I wonder if I will ever see Minneapolis? I hope so, tonight I’m sleeping with Aunt Emma as Mr. Miles has my room  Rev. Barnett is here too, I think he is a grand man. I almost love him he seems so fatherly. 

Tues. April 29, 1913

OO. After open Forum I cut Latin and played tennis with Elizabeth Hay against Mr. Willet and Mark Worth. We won every set But not by any brilliant playing on my part  I don’t know why I can’t play like I used to its real discouraging I wish I could win the tournament.  This P.M. Esther and I studied Latin all the afternoon Oh how glad I will be to finish it. Those metrical translations are too much for me. Tonight I washed my hair then went to bed. Ralph wanted to come up but I wouldn’t let him. I’m going to begin training I guess.  


Kazoo-Albion Baseball game 14-10

Wed. April 30, 1913

Oh I went to the grandest game this P.M. Why I never knew that baseball could be so exciting. I yelled and yelled and yelled and blew my horn as hard as I could.  Why the crowd was just tense with excitement we stood up almost all the time. The Proffessors[sic] even led the yelling  Oh it was fine. We just kept up a continual racket. We won 14-10 and how we girls did hug each other and how the bell did ring! Oh it was great!  MacLaurin got hit in the ear terribly I thought he was dead but he wasn’t.  Elizabeth took three great big sacks of popcorn  we had a fine time all right. It was funny to see Pat McEwan lead the yells.  This evening I went up to the hall and studied Latin with Lydia, Gertrude, Verne and I. Oh it was a stiff lesson  84 lines of hard Odes. I haven’t my English paper written for tomorrow but I’m 5 behind already so that doesn’t worry me much.

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