May 1 & 2, 1913

Freshman Picnic and Roller Skating

Thur. May 1, 1913

The Soph’s stole some [of] our eatables before we went but we had loads left more than we could eat at the picnic even. Between 50 and 60 people went and it was a grand success. Now I’m dead tired and so releaved[sic] and happy that it’s over with. Prof. Smith was Chaperone and a fine one. Well after an old Exam in Hygiene we all set forth and gave our yells on the cars both ways. We played 3 deep and such games then we girls got up on their out door stage and gave an impersonation of the Glee Club. I represented G.B.L. Johnson. Betty Stetson was Ken Payne etc, then we told the boys they would have to plan a stunt while we girls got supper ready so they did. I served lemonade all through supper and just ate on the fly. I was so thankful everyone had enough. After supper the boys impersonated a minstrel show  and they all sat on the stage and did stunts  we were just in peals of laughter for about ¾ of an hour. Then we wanted to roller skate but found that a private party had engaged the rink. We were in the depth of despair for a while but when they came out we found that we knew them and they let us in. Oh we were so glad and I had the grandest time skating that I ever had. “Jimmy” our president got my skates for me and then I skated a grand long skate with Mr. Bates and though we fell once it wasn’t because of poor skating on his part. Then I skated with “Little” Walker  he’s great I like him so well  It was lots of fun then we came home and after supper he took the train he said he had a good time I hope he did  After he went I called up Ralph as I had promised him I would and he came up. We went down town & got an egg chocolate then came home and talked.

Fri. May 2, 1913

OO. Had a nice talk with Prof. Williams (Tuffy) this morning. This P.M. I went to the track meet between the High School and Freshmen. They won 39-56 I think. But why? simply because we girls stuffed sandwiches and salad down them last night and roller skated them to death   poor things how could they run and jump. We got first in several events  it was a good meet but the boys were most all in. It was a fearful strain on the boys. I treated Ralph awfully at the meet so this evening I let him come up until nine o’clock and then Helen came to stay all night with me. We’re going to get up and go for flowers in the morning.

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