May 3 & 4, 1913

Hillsdale Game 14-10.  K.P. Spread.

Sat. May 3, 1913

Helen and I got up at 4:00 and walked way out to the Michigan Buggy Co. and past, for flowers. We got lost and went way out of the way so that we came to the Factory from the East. We got lots of violets and flowers but I was 20 min. late to public speaking class. This P.M. went to the most exciting game of Base Ball I ever wittnessed[sic]. Oh it was close 14-10 they won. We lost through Mr. Knappen I think there wasn’t a thing stoped[sic] at short stop all game. The boys said to keep quite while our boys were on the field and make all the noise we could while we were batting. So we did and we raised such a sandimonium[sic] that we fussed the Hillsdale pitcher to a  finish. Oh I wish we had won. I was completely exausted[sic] at the close of the game. This evening I went to a K.P. spread and May party each girl brought a May Basket for some other girl  I took mine for Katherine Gleason and she liked it ever so much. Mine was from Edith Stone. Our spread was salad, pickles, sandwiches, cake, lemonade, candy, nuts. I came home with Ralph. Elizabeth Stetson confided in me today the darling.  

Sun. May 4, 1913

Tonight Ralph and I have been talking of many things. Of “Ideals” of popularity of genuineness of loads of things. And I think he has the right ideas. I wonder why I don’t love him a particle. I wonder if I ought to cut going with him. You see I enjoy his company because I feel perfectly at ease, and then I haven’t any reason I can tell him for breaking it off so I just let it go on and on. This is a queer old world after all. Oh but I wished one somebody loved me. I wonder if he ever will? I tell you life is a mystery.  This morning I was so hoarse that I could not teach my S.S. class. This P.M. I wrote a letter and then Ralph came. This evening we went to church and I didn’t ware[sic] a hat or gloves  Its so nice to have summer coming.

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