Thurs., May 8, 1913


Thur. May 8, 1913

Mr. Fraser’s funeral. It was the largest and most impressive service I ever attended. The Episcopal church was crowded. The masons and Eastern Star were there in a body and the K.C. Seniors wore there[sic] caps and gowns and went together. Most of the K.C. faculty was there and there was a full vested choir which sang beautifully. Oh dear it’s terrible to think of May’s sorrow. The masons had part in the service and it seemed so beautiful when at the grave the Bugal[sic] call sounded. After the service at the grave I went up to May’s room and helped her dress, then I took her off in the woods. This evening I fixed our cozy corner for them, then I went to prayer meeting. After prayer meeting Ralph brought me home.

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