May 15-17, 1913

Thur. May 15, 1913

OO. This P.M. I spent most of the time ordering and planning the expenses for the picnic. It’s a fearful job and I will be glad when it is over  I dread the responsibility so.  This morning I gave my declamation and got along real well with it. Kenneth Payne’s was wonderful  it’s the one that he won 1st place on in the Sherwood contest. I held the audience anyway and they had been real restless for 15 spoke before I did.  I hope I will be chosen one of the 10 best out of 90.  This P.M. I went to Gaynor club practice and Thalia. I’m most distracted I don’t have any time to study. This evening I went to prayer meeting. I came home with Gene. We evaded Ralph at the corner of Rose & North. I was certainly a joke on him. I hope he will learn to be “Jonny on the spot.”

Fri. May 16, 1913

OO I made out my next years program today. Oh I wonder if I will pass in everything  I sincerely hope so! When I told “Tuffy” what all I was doing he fairly gasped. This P.M. I paid two or three bills then after writing my German sentences I flew over to Bowen Hall and with the committee, squeezed lemonade and cut pickles. Then I came home ate a mouthful, hurried  back to Gaynor practice from 6-7 then from 7-8 I practiced in an orchestra practice for the play Monday night, then at 8 o’clock I went up from the Gymnasium to Bowen Hall to Kappa Pi meeting it was a good program tonight on Queens of Europe today  Ralph came after me.

Freshman-Sophmore[sic] Picnic.

Sat. May 17, 1913

Oh this has been a busy day for me. I’ve had practically the whole responsibility of the picnic on my hands. This morning I with my committee made most 400 sandwiches and got everything else ready. This P.M. they went out and I staid[sic] in town to pack two auto’s with the “eats” then Ralph and I went out loaded down with stuff. I let Kenneth and “Little” Walker have charge of the games and things  went along finely! We had about 80 or 90 to supper and everybody had all they wanted or could possibly eat of which I was thankful. Jimmy could only come out for supper for which I was sorry. Kenneth fell and fractured his shoulder, he stayed two or three hrs afterwards and helped me nobly at supper time. My I think he is brave. (Well diary I just now dozed off while I was writing so you can see how tired I am)  After supper we gave them the Roller Skating Rink and with the boats on the lake I guess everyone was happy. I looked after a “101” different little things then came home early as Ralph can’t skate so I didn’t though I was crazy to.

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