May 21 & 22, 1913

Wed. May 21, 1913

I wonder what will happen the 23rd of June. Will I call Mr. Parker up before then or not? This morning I went to school. This P.M. I went to Gaynor Club practice then I came home and studied Latin. We had the Bowman’s here to Supper and the Ladies Aid this P.M. This evening I trotted around town until I found my costume and then I found a tent. We practiced the rest of the evening and we’ve got our stunt so that it goes pretty well. After practice I found Parker waiting for me  he brought me home and we talked and ate some strawberry shortcake. I had quite a jolly talk with him. I guess he called up because I was jolly with him at the picnic. Oh this is a strange world. I all unwittingly made Frances Haskell angry with me today  I must straighten that out tomorrow.  

Thur. May 22, 1913

OO. This P.M. I studied a little then went to Gaynor Club practice. That took until 5:30 then I came home and after supper I hurried over to Thalia practice  we went through the stunt two or three times and we laughed so I don’t now what will happen tomorrow night. The practice went pretty well on the whole however. I don’t know how I’m ever going to change 4 times tomorrow night in the short time allotted to me. Oh it doesn’t seem as if we’re going to give a concert tomorrow night. Oh tra! la! Oh I was one of the 10 chosen out of 90 or 100 for the Sherwood Prize Speaking contest during commencement week. It’s quite an honor and I’m real happy about it. Oh I hope I beat May in tennis.

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