June 17 & 18, 1913

Tues. June 17, 1913

It took me most of the morning hanging around Bowen Hall waiting for “Tuffy” to make out some checks for us girls for our trip to Albion. By the Way, “Tuffy” was elected Dean of the K.C. today and Dr. Stetson president  I got some real good pictures of the Gaynor girls today.

            This P.M. I went down town and got some music then Ralph and I and Papa & Mamma went out to Whites Lake swimming  we had a grand swim only my hair isn’t dry yet and its 11:30. It’s my first swim this year. We came back and this evening Ralph stayed to supper then we returned the tent and gypsy costume then sat up in the cozy corner and talked   while there I received a special delivery letter from Ben saying he would be over on an earlier train  Ralph felt pretty bad about it and said if I would telegram him not to come he would pay for the telegram and buy me two boxes of candy. He said he wished Ben’s train was wrecked. Poor Ralph he pleaded very hard for me to keep on going with him. But I don’t think it is right.  

Wed. June 18, 1913

Well little diary these days are certainly full and interesting. This morning Ben Wheatley arrived and as I heard that there was a wreck on the L.S. (R.R.) we went to the wreck as I had never seen one. It was a head-on collision the Engineer of the passenger being killed and many injured some not expected to live. The boiler of the passenger train was cramed[sic] way into the boiler of the freight train. The passenger train engin[e] was all twisted and bent and the engineers cab a mere mass of iron and wood. It was a sight that I am glad I saw. Ben took a picture of it. We then came back to commencement and heard the last two or three orations and the awarding of prizes etc. Mr. Bowman got first and Margaret Petertyl second in the Sherwood contest. They both have a reputation. I don’t feel badly to be beaten because I did the best I could and too Ralph brought up a grand box of chocolates tonight. After commencement we came up home and sang a little before dinner  he has a wonderful voice and it just thrills me all over to hear him sing   sometimes I almost forget to play. He can make his voice so soft and far away or thunder it out big  he sings tenor. After dinner he telephoned to a fellow in Sturgis that he wouldn’t be over till a later train then he sang and sang then we went over and played tennis. I played on the new college courts for the first time  I won four or five sets 6-2, 6-3, 6-3, 6-4   It was lots of fun  then we came home and after supper he took the train he said he had a good time  I hope he did  After he went I called up Ralph as I had promised him I would and he came up. We went down town & got an egg chocolate then came home and talked.

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