June 19-21, 1913

Took S.S. class to Milham Park

Thur. June 19, 1913

My but I’m tired this morning  I washed my hair then packed the lunch. This P.M. Lela and Ralph and I took 13 of my little S.S. [i.e., Sunday School] boys out to Milham park for an outing. My but it was a terrible strain on me but I’ve gotten them all home now and none of them drowned or got run over  List of accidents  Arthur Hindelighter fell in the water but he sat in the sunshine until he dried off.  A blood sucker got attached to Lyle Bedford which caused some commotion. But the big event of the afternoon was a fight during which Elmer West gave George Ferguson a punch in the nose and as it was on the way home I stopped at a farm house and got a basin of water for him  it was certainly some bloody nose. We had a plenty to eat but really it is wonderful the way those boys eat  I took lemonade, potato salad and cakes for them  besides their lunches, they played ball and waded.



Fri. June 20, 1913

Ralph came after me and we caught the 8:50 train for the Lake. Mrs. Payne the two girls and us came out and Oh its great! This morning we took a little canoe ride then had dinner my how we eat out here. This P.M. we went swimming and it was great. Then we went way up the lake to the farther end and came back the other side investigateing[sic] the shore line we found shells and eggs etc. This evening we took the canoe and went out on the lake   it began to rain so Ralph pulled up to a landing across the lake and we went up to a cottage took a table that was sitting near the cottage and tipped it up at the edge of the narrow porch then we sat behind it perfectly dry and watched the lightning, lake and fireflies  it was fine but finely we heard Mrs. Payne calling so came back though it was still raining though not so hard  she had been walking up & down the bank thinking we were drowned.  


Sat. June 21, 1913

My this is grand out here at the lake  I just enjoy myself from morning till night  Ralph is perfectly grand to me and so are all the family  it seems awful to stop going with Ralph but I know I ought to and I’m going to whats more.  This morning we went canoeing and chased a wild duck. My it was exciting  we got so near to it and once while it was swimming under water in shallow water Ralph touched it with the paddle. Then we saw another and I took two pictures of it  I hope they are good.  This P.M. Wilma and I went fishing brought back 19 small fish and we threw back several little ones besides  Oh it was fun to pull them in. Then we went swimming but it was to[o] cold to stay in long so we came out  Why I eat like a pig and sleep, sleep, sleep. Then this evening we went canoeing and watched the afterglow  it was gorgeous and then the stars came out and later the full moon made a big path of gold across the water  it was just wonderful.

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