July 28 – 30, 1913

Mon. July 28, 1913

Kryl and His Band

Bohumir Kryl, cornetist and bandleader

Bohumir Kryl, cornetist and bandleader

This morning I helped with the washing and then taught. This P.M. I went to the concert and heard the finest band music I can remember ever hearing. The caprice, “Hunters Dream” by Bucalosie which was a description of a fox hunt in old England, initiating the birds, the coves, barking of hounds the galloping of horses and all the things. It was wonderful. Then when Bohumur Kryl the World’s greatest Cornetist played a piece composed by himself with a band accompaniment I just most held my breath I can’t describe how it sounded the wonderful harmony of the background of instruments and the clear silvery notes of the cornet rising above it all in a kind of ecstasy. I did not like the personallity[sic] of the man himself he seems so to eminiate[sic] a greatness and show that he thought he deserved the applause that he got he had long bushy hair. Then I went to the depot & Elizabeth Hay who is on her way back from Chicago where she had a successful operation. This evening I stayed home with her & played the piano.


Tues. July 29, 1913

This morning Miss Hay went in the Jackson’s auto to the Circus parade and I stayed home and ironed. This P.M. I finished “A King in Khaki” which is a fine thrilling moral story. Then I went to a lecture by Hon. Joseph W. Folk of Missouri who is one of the leading reformers in American politics today. formerly being gov. of Missouri, His sailyer [?] “The Fight for a State” was very well carried out and I took many useful noes[sic] from his discourse. This evening I saw Laurant, one of America’s greatest magicians present a program of magic and illusion which was truly wonderful. I had never seen a magician and I fairly sat there with my mouth open. I had heard that they did  such things but I never thought they could deceive me I supposed I could tell how they did them all but I cant. I don’t know where all his ribbons and flowers and rabbits and coffee and rings and things came from. There was a man who explained some of them to Ralph and I and some I could figure out but there’s a lot that I don’t know anything about.


Wed. July 30, 1913

This was the last day of Chautauges [sic] and I enjoyed it very much. This P.M. I went with Vera and Pearl Hoffman to hear the lecture by Dr. Herbert L. Willet, a Prof. in Chicago University His subject was “new continents” and was a very enlightning[sic] discourse dealing with the life of a child as compared with the progress and different stages of civilization an down through the ages. It was indeed interesting (there now doesn’t that sound good!) This evening was “Joy night” and we had Ralph Bingham the harmonist who wears a smile that won’t come off. He is an impersonator, humorist, violinist pianist and a vocalist and his appearances on the American continent to date number nearly 10,000. You just can’t help but laugh when he talks and the program was so varied that every minute was joyous. He is a fine violinist. such jokes as “Well the man found out he couldn’t sell his house so he just left it lying around the house” and such things as that were being worked into his speech continually so that together with his manner of narating[sic] it was just impossible not to laugh. The Barnard Orchestra was fine also, I enjoyed a clarinet & violin duet particularly well


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