August 1 & 2, 1913

Fri. August 1, 1913
This morning I read. This P.M. I finished “The Winning of Barbara Worth” and it is one of the best books I have ever read. Oh thats[sic] what I want freedom and the plains with a horse and the ability to ride it and to shout. Oh I love the bigness of the open. Why must I live here hemed[sic] in by conventionalities and man’s handiwork. I want to get out where God’s country can talk and show its mystries[sic] Oh will I ever have a chance at the open? What will my life be will it always be a selfish usless[sic] life or will I shake myself awake and accomplish some big thing in this world. Oh at times I loath[sic] my idleness. I seem to be merely getting an education and waiting for the world to roll along on its axis.

This evening I felt as if I must do something desparate[sic] but as I couldn’t persuade Lela & Vera to dress up in masks and sheets I had to give up the sceme[sic] and we contented our selves with 1st serenading[sic] Neva and Henry 2nd shooing the spooners out of the Henderson park. Oh I wish something different would happen.

Sat. August 2, 1913
Washed my hair. Gene had a “hairbreadth” departure for Allegan this noon with Aunt Emma to fireing[sic] the umbrella out the upstairs and mamma hurling her jacket over the bank and Gene waving her arm like a windmill to stop the streetcar Ha!Ha! I laughed till I cried. This P.M. I started “The Virginian” it’s a good book Oh I wish I had somebody to practice tennis with and Oh I wish I could go up to the Grand Rapids Tournament. I got a card from Miss Gregg today This evening I went down to Patterson’s and met Rubies grandmother she’s a dear old lady and I enjoyed talking with her very much

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