August 3 & 4, 1913

Sun. August 3, 1913
Hello diary its quarter of twelve P.M. and I’m almost exasperated! This morning I went to church and S.S. I only had four boys in my class today as I was running compitition[sic] to two ballgames This P.M. I read some more in the Virginian then Ralph came. After church tonight we had a very heated argument on religion Oh why can’t he see things right! It’s beyond my power of explaination[sic]. We had some good homemade ice cream today. My! Papa has been gone a long time it’s the longest he has ever been away from mamma.

Mon. August 4, 1913
Oh diary will I ever be free to live in the forest or the plain somewhere away from cities and conventionalities I don’t know why I can’t be contented with embroidery and fashions and teas like most girls are. Why lots of them just live on such things and are thinking about their complexions and dances and seem perfectly contented. Why am I such a “tom boy” I feel so depressed by such things oh I want a horse and a canoe and a tent and gun and fish pole and a camera and a few good books a violin and paint box and with these I want to go way way off and live. If I ever can get some money I’m going to enjoy it. It isn’t that I don’t want to be a girl because I do, I want to know how to do the things that a girl should know and I want an education too and I want to do some good in the world but oh I think that if we can do what we want in eternity that I will live out in forests and mountains and ride and canoe and perhaps ocassionally[sic] ride back into civilization and play a tennis tournament go to about 50 concerts and go back

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