August 5 & 6, 1913

Tues. August 5, 1913
Well this day started out with some excitement but its all over with now. We got a letter from papa saying that we might receive a telegram for me to come up to Minneapolis today he explained all about how I was to get my ticket and sleeper etc. and I was so excited at the thought of taking such a long journey alone that I could scarcely hold still. But the telegram didn’t come so I am here yet with the same old prosaic life about me
My wouldn’t it have been thrilling.

I went to a recital at the normal that was fine.

This P.M. I went down to Bessie Freeman’s then to the library this evening we read. Oh when I think that this is the last night I will ever be in me “teens” I just want to cry! My birthdays have always made me feel bad everysince I was sixteen I hate to grow up any more oh dear!!

Wed. August 6, 1913
Well I’m twenty years old now and no help for it! Uh! I hate to get old. Even my birthday presents can’t console me to the fact. This morning I had the brilliant idea of making some little hand painted designs in the corner of correspondence cards so I went down town and bought several boxes for Xmas presents and this P.M. I painted six of them its real fasinateing[sic] work. But I imagine I will get tired of it when I’ve done most a hundred. Mrs. Mange and Helen were here to super[sic]. This evening Ralph came up bringing a big box of chocolates I also received a beautiful bunch of roses from him this afternoon

I decided not to go on that trip down the river Saturday. And I don’t know whether to go out to Long Lake for over Sunday or not. Mamma & Papa & Gene gave me a fine silk umbrella and Aunt Emma a combination vase.

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