Sept. 14 & 15, 1913

Sun. September 14, 1913

Went to church & S.S. this P.M. Ralph came up and we went walking out the South Haven R.R. tracks  it was perfectly beautiful with the golden rod wild asters and yellow daises. We didn’t go to church this evening but stayed home and talked and I played the piano then I went out on the porch and played my mandolin with the moonlight flooding through the wisteria everything for sentiment but alas I lacked the proverbial heart throbs so it was all lost on me. I don’t believe I will go with Ralph much more even if he is fine and “wants the chance”. I don’t want to go with anyone for a while.

Mon. September 15, 1913

This morning I went down town and got some new tennis balls then I went over to the courts and there was Mr. Cullen and Ms. Chapman it seemed good to see them back. I beat Mr. Chapman a set 6-2 while waiting for Mr. Parker. Then we played a set which he won 7-5 then we went over to the gymnasium and practiced against the wall. Oh how I hope I can beat Miss. Gregg. This P.M. I went over to visit Mrs. Rogers and she seemed real pleased to have me come.  at four oclock Esther came along escorted by Mr. Bates who it seemed good to see and we went over to play tennis. Miss Greg came along “to use the court if it wasn’t in use” and we played 5 games I got 3 and she 2. Then she went with her followers over to the normal, and I beat Esther 6-0, 6-2. It seems fine to see the students wandering around the campus again. They say there is a Jap. who can play tennis and another Freshmen who weighs 2 lbs. 215.

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