Oct. 8 & 9, 1913

Wed. October 8, 1913

“Kappa Pi Circus” Tug of War

Well this has been a full exciting day and I’m nearly all in tonight. This P.M. we had the tug-of-war between Sophomores & Freshmen it was wonderful. We Sophs all met down on the corner at the West End drug store and marched up single file holding aloft big banners saying “Wet Wishes Freshies” and “Water only makes them greener” etc. Well when we got there we yelled & yelled I had been elected yell master for the girls and I yelled till I couldn’t speak then I helped cheer on the team   one minute I was fanning Mr. Bates or Mr. Bowman and the next I was urging Mr. Crowe to hold steady   well they pulled for 15 minutes and at the end of that time the pistol shot and it was called a tie although we had pulled 4 freshies into the water and forced 4 others to change their position to the back of the line   still both sides held steady at the end  the boys just fell over exhausted some of them had to be carried over to the gymnasium. But anyhow our team has never been through the pond. Oh we’ve got the finest class spirit   I’m afraid I made a fool of myself but it can’t be helped. This evening the circus was perfectly stunning it was a great success. The costumes were perfect and the different acts went off with scarcely a hitch. The elephant was an exact reproduction and the “Leap of Death” was hair-raising   the clowns were good and Horse back shooter was comical as could be. My speeches went off pretty good and oh the whole thing was as near like the original as one could imagine. I will put my introductory speeches into my memory book instead of writing them here.

Oh from so much yelling my throat hurts so that I can scarcely stand it. And my lip is all puffed up where I cut it in the tug of war   well I’m thankful this day is over   its no easy task being yell master and ring leader all in the same day.

Thurs. October 9, 1913

Went to school my throat hurts so I can scarcely talk today. This morning I rushed from one thing to another after math. I washed the dishes for the refreshments we had last night then hurried home to practice the mandolin with Helen for the factory meeting this noon then back to study german with Mildred for an hour then out to the Paper Box factory for a noon hour meeting we got along all right with our playing. Then this P.M. after chem. Esther and I studied History questions for 3 hrs. straight.

This evening I refused to be one of a party to see Nancy Bayer and went to Prayer Meeting after meeting Ralph & I went downtown and got some chocolate ice cream.

I received a beautiful California Pennant & pin from Rose & Minna today it made me so happy!

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