Oct. 10 & 11, 1913

Fri. October 10, 1913

Went to school. This P.M. I went over and began lab work first early so as to get off early and go to the ball game  Ralph was just grand and helped me with my experiment   that is I don’t let him do the work but he is always willing to tell me about apparatus etc.  I almost wish I could get the Chemistry prize  I wonder if it would be possible? I’m not going to get behind in my work. It’s a shame the way I let my math slip. This P.M. Ralph and I went to the Foot Ball game between Albion and W.S.N.S.  it was great  Albion was ahead 3-0 at the end of the 1st half then they went all to pieces on the 2nd half and Kazoo H.S. won 20-3. After the game Mr. Wheatley came up for about ¾ hr. then he had to hurry and get his train. Mr. Marlott didn’t even call up Marg. Petertyle and she was quite pervoked [sic]. This evening I was Chairman for Kappa Pi  it’s the 1st time I have ever been chairman and I don’t like it especially well.

Sat. October 11, 1913

OO studied German with Lydia Blutolph before class then with Mildred Welsh after class they are two of the dearest girls I know this P.M. I went to the Ball game between K.C. and Battle Creek Y.M.C.A.  We won 26-0   This evening I studied.

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