Oct. 16 & 17, 1913

Thurs. October 16, 1913

OO I was amazed that my marks were so good when I got them from the office I have courage to go on. Oh I wish I could pass in everything. I guess I have the hardest course of any girl in college.

This P.M. after Chemistry I came home and studied then went to gymnasium class. We had Mrs. Williams and her two children Thelma and Katherine here to supper   This evening we all went to prayer meeting then Ralph brought me home.

Fri. October 17, 1913

OO This P.M. in the labatory [sic] I had the very long experiment of weighting[sic] a liter of oxygen and after I had spent all the afternoon weighting[sic] etc why Mr. Parker was helping me and the tube exploded and burnt him terribly and wasted all my afternoons work  that is one of the discouraging things about labatory [sic] work you never know what minute you may have to begin over again.

This evening I went to the Kappa Pi open meeting for new girls and I never felt so sublimely happy that I’m a Kappa Pi before  oh it was a wonderfully fine program  I wish I could get a copy of Lorene Osborn’s address of welcome and of Grace Bowens paper “Training for Service”  that’s what Kappa Pi means you know. The music was fine and the playlet “The Young Dr Devine” very funny and clever  oh I wonder if I will ever be able to do anything positively clever. We had Lime Ice and macaroons and I raised a big blister dishing out the Lime Ice. Oh but I’m glad that I’m alive and a member of Kappa Pi.

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