Oct. 18 & 19, 1913

Sat. October 18, 1913

OO This P.M. after a short stunt practice I came home and studied. I spent six or seven hours today on History and two hours writing Chem. notes and I’m so tired and sleepy.

Sun. October 19, 1913

Went to church and S.S. Alice Rhoades let 3 of her boys come visit my class today. This P.M. Ralph and I went walking and we took the longest walk we ever took  it was at least 14 miles  we went almost to Almo [i.e., Alamo] and back  my I was so tired and sleepy when we got back that Ralph went home so I could go to bed. It has been a beautiful autumn day and the foalage [sic] and scenery was wonderful.

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