Nov. 4-6, 1913

Tues. November 4, 1913

OO. This P.M. I went to the Football game between W.M.N.S. and Ypsilanti normal it was to decide the championship for Michigan normal schools and it was a big game. Kazoo normal won 12-6 and they carried the team around on their shoulders etc. This evening Lydia came over and we got our german then I got my Public Speaking and grammer work. Jessie Dressel gave a surprise party for mamma tonight. 

Wed. November 5, 1913 Gaynor Club Stunt.

OO this P.M. I went down town then came home and wrote and learned my fortune for Sue Slatton tonight. Then I went to last Rehearsal.

Well the thing went off tonight and though everybody says it went off all night and “It was just grand” etc. I feel just boiling mad I had to rush in there without my gloves or bag or handkerchief etc. and I know it must have been terrible. I hauled out my lorgnette with difficulty and didn’t know how to use it after I got it out. Oh dear!! Why do things have to go so miserably sometimes. If I had only had more time to get ready. The rest of the concert was a big success. 

Thurs. November 6, 1913

OO This P.M. after Chemistry I studied german with Lydia then went to gymnasium. And the funniest thing happened Lydia and I were partners for a Polish Polka and we got all mixed up and crashed into the wall and into others and I’ve laughed and laughed just to think of it. Oh it was funny.

This evening after prayer meeting Ralph and I walked home and I asked him if he wasn’t going to ask me to the roller skating party  he said he didn’t know about it but that of course he would take me. I told him I wouldn’t go with him unless he learned to skate before that time. He is so afraid that I will go with someone else that he said he would go out and learn to skate. My I imagine it will be funny  I wonder how the party will go anyway, I can hardly wait.

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