Nov. 8 & 9, 1913

Sat. November 8, 1913

OO. Went down town and bought a new coat it is dark blue with a black plush collar I like it now. I wonder if I will get terribly sick of it.

This P.M. I went to the football game between Kazoo and Albion I wonder if we will ever get a team that can win the championship. Albion won 13-0. They brought over a special car load of rooters and I saw miss Bediant again.

Ben Wheatley stayed over to see me. So he came up to supper and after supper he he sang a while then we went down town and went to “Modern Eve” at the Fuller. It is a French Opperatte[sic] and while the first part is very disgusting the finale score is great where the injured husband disturbs the count. It is so funny. The moral of the story is to picture the sufferagette[sic] and control of woman in such a way as to be a strong influence against it. And the underlying current of true love and womanliness wins out in the end.

I wonder if its wicked to go to a play occasionally, I don’t feel wicked.

 Sun. November 9, 1913

Had 11 in my S.S. class today. Mr Wheatley went to church with me this morning then came here to dinner and to spend the afternoon. After dinner he sang and sang then we started reading “My Lady Caprice” He had to take the 6:55 train back to Albion however so we did not finish it so I let him take the book home with him to read on the train.

He is a fine fellow and very popular and talented along many lines but I doubt if I would ever be able to care for him as more than a friend. That’s a queer thing to say isn’t it when we neither one of us have thought of such a thing but I guess most girls sort of wonder if the boy they are with might possibly turn out to be the prince who could make her happy. Oh I wonder if I will ever get married it doesn’t seem possible now and I don’t suppose I ever will be perfectly happy if I don’t marry because they say that all old maids really and truly arn’t [sic] happy

This evening of course I didn’t let Ralph come and I walked to church with Mrs. Thorne  it was so interesting to hear her tell of her trips abroad it seems so wonderful.

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