Nov. 10-12, 1913

Mon. November 10, 1913

OO I feel just miserable today and cross oh my! Mrs. Thorne left this morning  This P.M. I had chemistry labatory[sic] and I didn’t get along very fast  I had to do one experiment over 3 times.

Well diary Mr. Chapman actually asked me to go to the roller skating party with him tomorrow night. I was so pleased because he’s one of the finest skaters in school I told him I would let him know by the end of the hour so I saw Ralph and found out that he hadn’t been out to practice on account of a lame knee and I told him that I’m as much as I had mentioned the party in the 1st place and as long as he hadn’t practiced and because I knew he hated to roller skate anyway that I would go with Mr Chapman tomorrow night

I haven’ eaten much today and I’m going to bed now at 7:00


Tues. November 11, 1913

Junior-Soph. Roller Skating Party

Went to the Roller skating party tonight with Mr. Chapman and had a perfectly grand time. I don’t know when I have had so much fun. It was the best roller skating party I have ever been to. I scarcely sat down all evening. Mr. Chapman is fine and the jollyes[sic] fellow I have ever been with. I wish I could be with him again. We scarcely saw each other after the first skate together and I skated with Switzer, “Tommy”, Carl Johnson, Bates, “Little” Walker, Mr. Orr, Mr. Dunnington, Parker, Chapman and I’ve forgotten who else. I had a fine talk with Mr. Dunnington and he got me a cherry pop  we are going to organize a mandolin guitar club. he is coming up Thursday P.M. to practice. After the party a whole bunch of us went downtown and Gladies & Parker, Constance & Orr, and Chapman & myself went to Medimbers or DeBults and got some Tutti Frutti and had a pile of fun     Mr. Chapman got me a souvineer[sic] spoon for my memory book. I wonder if he likes me I hope so. Every body was asking me where Ralph was tonight  its quite revoking.


Wed. November 12, 1913

“Last Days of Pompeii”

OO This P.M. I practiced mandolin with Helen then studied. This evening Ralph invited me to go to the Fuller and see the moving pictures of the Drama “The Last Day’s of Pompeii” it was wonderful. I know I shall never forget it the scenes were so fine it has made the book mean more to me than ever before. All the characters were good except Nydia and I didn’t like her looks they made her blindness so evident.

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