Nov. 28 & 29, 1913

Fri. November 28, 1913

Thanksgiving Society Program

This morning I went up to Esther and worked a “Wojii”[i.e., Ouji] board for the 1st time in my life I have vowed I would never believe that they really move but they do and it said the awfullest[sic] things about me  It said that in 4 years I was going to marry “Reggie” Payne, That I would live in Hakan Indiana a town of 600 people that I would die when I’m 67 years old and that I will be married only once and will have 10 children. I wouldn’t believe that it was telling the truth but it said “I am sincere you will have ten children” Isn’t that the awfullest[sic] fortune? It said Papa was coming home in January  I wonder if he will. We had the Bestors here to a luncheon and I was nearly frantic because I had to represent my society on the program for tonight and I hadn’t written or memorized my speech. Well this P.M. I wrote and learned it and when I got up to speak I was frighened[sic] but I didn’t show it and I got through beautifully I left out some but not to make any difference. Why the audienced[sic] laughter continued and Ralph said I got more laughs than any of the other speakers. But oh the best part of it is that all the Kappa Pi’s were happy and said they were proud of me. And in the critics report Prof Smith paid me a beautiful compliment and he slamed[sic] some of the speakers terribly and I was the only one he praised so highly. Mamma was delighted.

Sat. November 29, 1913

Didn’t get up until most 10:00 o’clock then Evelyn and I worked a “Wojii” [i.e., Ouji] board a good share of the afternoon then I studied. This evening I made booklets for my S.S. boys and washed my hair.

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