Dec. 1 & 2, 1913

Mon. December 1, 1913

Chauncey Olcott, the Irish Tenor, ca. 1902 (Source: Library of Congress)

Chauncey Olcott, the Irish Tenor, ca. 1902 (Source: Library of Congress)

Oh diary! I’ve seen Chauncey Olcott in “Schameen Dhu” and it was perfectly wonderful. He is a wonderful singer and actor and to think that he can compose and sing such beautiful songs. Oh I shall never forget it I know. The parts were all excelent[sic] and the sceenery[sic] perfect. They used a beautiful old spirit and there was something so ennobling about the whole play. The 1st song “I never met before a girl like you” Peggy O’Dea sat playing at the spirit and Chauncey O stood near it and sang. The 2nd was “Me Little Dudeen” sung near the table in the Pipe Room of the Green Dragon Inn with Peggy and Sheila drinking tea and Chauncey standing near the table with a long stemmed white clay pipe in his hand. The story is set in 1779 so the costumes are beautiful and old. The 3rd “Dream girl O’ Mine” Chauncey Olcott sings while alone in the Inn looking out after Peggy as she has left with the others. The moonlight comes softly in through the windows and open door and with the glow from the huge fireplace is a very impressive scene. The next “Thats[sic] an Irish Lullaby” is perhaps the sweetest piece of all   Chauncey sings it while trying to comfort Old Betsy  he stands with his arm about her and as she is gently weeping at the thought that he may have to leave his old nurse  he tells her to remember the song she used to sing to him then he sings the lullaby in the twilight of the room. Then “Peggy Darlin” is sung in the garden just after she fools him about her father waiting for her she is there when he begins to sing but runs away and at the close he follows. It is fine. The place where the women are sewing the American flag is good.

Tues. December 2, 1913

My we’re having such warm weather we have had all fall. Folks are still swimming in Lake Michigan and the violets are in bloom. I’m going to play tennis some day soon. This P.M. I helped Betty Hay with her orations then I studied. I stayed home from our German play tonight and studied.

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