New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 1913

Wed. December 31, 1913

So now I finished another little book   how swiftly the years go by. I think this has been the best year I have had. I wonder if I will be able to say that next year I wonder if I will be writing here in my little room next year. Oh I wonder and I wonder and I wonder lots of things. I don’t like to get old  I wonder if I will read this diary when I’m an old lady. I always feel kind of sad when I stop writing in my little books forever  they mean so much to me, for though they don’t really tell much of my life still I feel as if I could hang on to these years forever by the memories the lines recall.

This evening we entertained the Bethel Church folks but here was so much going on that there was only 40 or 50 here. All of the young folks got in one room and I tried to keep things going. Frank Barnett is fine he helped a lot and I like him real well he’s going to be a civil engineer and he plays football etc. Also tennis

Well I stayed up till after twelve so now its 1914  Goodby little diary  I honestly feel as if I were parting from a dear friend

CURATOR’S NOTE:  Though Claire may not have felt her diaries were that informative, they provide an understanding of a typical life of a teenage girl in Kalamazoo in the early part of the 20th century. Her words are priceless and are grateful to Claire for putting them on paper. 

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