Feb. 9 & 10, 1914

Monday 9

My sakes! pretty soon I will be the only girl left in our division of chem. lab and there’s just hosts of boys. I got along pretty well this P.M.  This evening I studied and went to bed at 9:00 o’clock the 1st time in ages!

 Tuesday 10

OO Oh I’m just ashamed of the way I don’t keep my diary  I was talking to Cornelia Dewey tonight and she has only missed one day in eight years isn’t that fine?

Somehow I’m so tired at night and it’s such cold shivery weather that I don’t take time to write. I’m carrying 19 hrs. this semester besides mission study class, 2 hrs. gym, 2 hrs. mandolin practice sometimes 6, 1 hr. basket ball, 1 hr. Y.W.C.A, one evening K.TT.  One evening prayer meeting, I teach a S.S. class, 2 hrs play practice. Thats besides all committee meetings and speeches & stunts which have to be gotten extra.

Well this evening I went to B.B. practice and Esther & I were forwards together and our side won 25 to 10. Oh I like it.

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