Feb. 19 & 20, 1914

Fiske O’Hara

Thursday 19

OO  Studied and practiced. This evening Ralph and I went to hear Fiske O’Hara the great tenor singer and actor in the drama “In Old Dublin.” My it was wonderful to me the beautiful scenery and singing oh I couldn’t help but be happy  It appealled so to the true and the beautiful. Oh don’t think I shall ever forget how he looked in the beautiful garden with the river in the distance and the soft light as he sang, They called him back eight times after one scene so you can see how he was appreciated but somehow I didn’t like him as well as Chauncey Allcott. The little Peggy (she is his real wife) in the play was so cute and clever I liked her even better than the Heroine. The cast was all good and there was an English man with a mannock in it which always delights me. When the “Irish Rose” won the race I was truly happy. I got a fine box of chocolate.

Moat[sic] Trial

Friday 20

cut math went to the rest of my classes went to Chemistry lab. Then I went to the Sophomore[sic] class prayer meeting and it was fine. Mr. Valentine lead[sic] it and there wasn’t a minute when the meeting lagged. Oh I think the spiritual element in our class is fine  we have 6 student volunteers in our class. Afterwards Ralph and I took a little walk and then Edna and Ardith came. Ardith was in raptures over a new set of furs that she has and I was in raptures to see them again. Well I persuaded Edna to stay over night and go to the Mock trial at the joint meeting of the Kappa Pi’s and Centuries and I was Clerk of the Court and had to administer the oaths to all the different people  there were some things that were terribly funny when the jury saw a mouse and so forth and Betty Stetson as president of the sufferagette[sic] association, and Ruth Goss as a clerk from Gilmores. Bert Bowman was great as a juryman.

Well it was real long and then we played our mandolins and guitar and the Jury came back just when we finished so that we didn’t get any enchore[sic].  Oh I wish I didn’t get scared when I play. We had cherry ice and cake for refreshments. Edna said she had lots of fun.

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