April 14 & 16, 1914

Tues. April 14, 1914

Another beautiful Spring day. Went to school. This afternoon I did a most unheard of thing. I can’t understand yet why I did it. I jumped out the window from the chemistry room! I don’t know how one of the boys, Mr. Preston, happened to dare me to do it and I said there was no object in it for me so another fellow said he would give a Hershey and soon they all began offering   when I had 12 Hershey bars offered I suddenly became seized with a mad desire to jump but I was afraid none of the boys even would dare do it so I said I would share my hersheys equally with any boy that would jump it so Mr. Preston said he would and away we went  me first  I hung first and then dropped so I only had five or six feet to drop but he jumped the whole ten or eleven feet. Now I’m disgusted with myself for doing it because it raised so much excitement.

Thur. April 16, 1914

Well there didn’t anything especially different happen today. I went to school and studied. I started to translate Schillers “Song of the Bell” today and think it is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read.

Mamma and Edna & the babies went to Battle Creek to visit today. Papa is holding meetings in Los Angeles now  my it seems as if he would never get home again. My how I would love to see him. Just think he’s been gone since October!

This evening Ralph and I went to Prayer meeting at the Bethel Baptist Church  it was a fine meeting, I think I enjoy the prayer meeting the most of any service of the week.

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