April 17 & 18, 1914

Fri. April 17, 1914

Another ideal day. After chemistry lab Ralph and I went walking out into Taylors woods and I picked wildflowers for the 1st time.  We sat down and studied chemistry and German. This evening they wanted me to play a mandolin solo for “Senior” Kappa Pi meeting but I was so busy and was notified so late that I didn’t get around to practice with May so I didn’t do it.

Helen and I also refused to play at the Y.W.C.A. vesper service at the Prespiterian[sic] church Sunday too, because she’s going home and I’m afraid to play alone. The Kappa Pi meeting was very clever tonight  they had their funny “Prophecy”, History Oration, song, yell poem etc. We also decided tonight to have a luncheon for a sort of reunion of all the κπ in June.

The Freshmen have chalanged[sic] the Soph’s to a debate on the Panama Toll question. And the boys want me to be on the Soph team. But I think it should remain a boy affair and besides how can I find the time to do it! “Val” and “Little” Walker talked so hard and earnestly about class spirit and all that I told them I would think it over until tomorrow and then let them know but I don’t believe I will debate.

Sat. April 18, 1914

Play outdoor tennis for 1st time this year.

OO This P.M. May Thompson and I went over to the Normal courts and indulged in our first sets of the season. The wind was blowing a gale and it was almost impossible to play in the wind and dust but we enjoyed it. And I was well satisfied with my strokes considering that it was the first day. Then we went to the first Intercollegiate Base Ball game here this season between Adrian and Kalamazoo and Hurrah! we won. In an eleven ill inning game. We were tied 3-3 after the first 3 or 4 innings and when in the eleventh after one man out and two strikes for MacGreggor with a man on second and third, he hit a home run and let three men in   there was joy unspeakable. Oh It was a close game. Well I’m stiff and tired and got a cold but not my lessons so I’m going to bed!

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