April 19-21, 1914

Sun. April 19, 1914

Went to Church & S.S.  I’ve promised to take my S.S. boys out to Milham Park next Saturday P.M. if its nice weather  oh dear I hope it rains! This P.M. I just read ad played and this evening Ralph and I went to church. Rev. Barnett’s sermon was fine tonight. I like Miss Moore very much  I’ll hate to have her go back.

General Victoriano Huerta. Source: Library of Congress

General Victoriano Huerta. Source: Library of Congress


Huerta had until six o’clock tonight to salute the U.S. flag which they have grossly insulted and he did not do it.  [Curatorial note: During the Mexican Revolution an incident took place where seven U.S. Navy men were arrested by the army of General Huerta.  They were released but Admiral Mayo of the U.S. Navy demanded an apology and a 21 gun salute.  General Huerta refused.]




Mon. April 20, 1914

K.C. Glee Club.

Went to school had lab. This evening we went to the Glee Club concert at the Academy and it was great! Some say it’s the best we’ve ever had. Ralston was certainly a clown and the Glee Club sons were fine. Helen’s new song made quite a hit.  The Romeo and Juliet stunt with Biglow who is 6 ft 6 in. for Juliet was perfectly comical.

Allen Delano went to the concert and Banquet with Towsley dressed as a girl and he had such a perfect make up that everyone was fooled for quite a while. Oh it was funny. He went as “Miss. Case”

Today Congress granted Wilson’s policy for War and extras and excitement is runing[sic] wild. [Curatorial note: On this day President Wilson asked Congress for a resolution permitting him to use the armed forces to compell Huerta to respect American right.  It was passed by both houses of Congress.]

Tues. April 21, 1914

Went to school. Went down town this P.M.  This evening we had a fine Basket Ball practice. We beat by a margin of 13 points. The game comes off next Monday night  Oh I hope we win   Mother Aunt Emma and Gene went to the banquet at the 1st Baptist Church tonight.

Today our U.S. marines under Rear Admiral Fletcher took Vera Cruz. Everything these days is war! [Curatorial note: The main reason for the attack on Veracruz was to prevent a shipment of German arms from reaching Mexico and the armies of General Huerta.]

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