April 22 & 24, 1914

Wed. April 22, 1914

OO  This was “Founders Day.” When the Seniors wore their caps and gowns and gave their history prophecy, poem ivy oration, planted the ivory etc. Lorene Osbornes Prophecy was the cleverest I’ve ever heard. All the students had their pictures taken today by one of those revolving cameras and a bunch of the boys ran from one end to the other in time to have their pictures taken on both ends. This P.M. Esther, May, Elizabeth and I served lemonade, sandwiches and cake to the boys who worked on the tennis courts  my it was a job. I worked until I’m most dead tonight. But say the courts are certainly in fine shape. We didn’t quite get the tape down tonight.

Fri. April 24, 1914

Κ.π. Spread

OO after lab. I studied German until 5:30 with Helen Radley  we were studing[sic] away when suddenly a terrific crash and flash of lightning and I thought sure I had most been struck  I heard people running and glanced out the window and saw people running up towards the building and I felt sure the building was on fire. I rushed out into the Hall and found that instead it was the cupulo[sic] of the “Dorm.”  My there was some excitement.

Our spread was fine  the “greens” gave it to the “golds” because we (the “golds”) won. I acted as chaplain tonight and also had to read Margaret Pengally’s piece tonight as she wouldn’t come. Tommy went to Hillsdale to debate tonight so May came up to sleep with me  shes[sic] such a dear  Oh, I hope she doesn’t go East this summer.

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