Sat., May 2, 1914

This has been a full busy day and tonight I’m very tired my hand is all sour[sic] and blistered from holding the tennis racket. From 7:30 till 9:00  I played tennis with Winnifred Praeger and won the sets. Then I went to German class after class I studied for an hour then May and I went down to the courts and easily won from Roberta Williams and a terrifically conceited man who made me thoroughly disgusted.

     Then right after dinner we came back and played three sets against Esther and Winnefred they won the first and we the next two. Then Esther and Winnie and I drove around in Praeger’s carriage until time for the Hillsdale vs KC ball game then went to the game. Oh it was exciting but finally we won 9 to 6 and the old bell pealed forth once more. After the game when Ralph and Esther and I were walking over to the courts a bunch of the Hillsdale Base ball team were following us on their way to the gymnasium and Esther foolishly looked at them and one of them spoke   she said she didn’t know him she thought and wondered if he was trying to speak to me. Well remembering that I had met a couple of Hillsdale fellows at Edna’s last year and being persuaded by Esther that I ought to speak we started towards each other. When we met he stretched out his hand but as we shook hands and I looked him square in the face I realized that though he was the same build and was disguised in base ball clothes   still he was not the one I knew so I coldly froze him with a few remarks telling him I had thought he was the fellow I had met at Edna’s and walked away. Well Esther and Ralph roasted me so about it that I got very much provoked to say the least.

   This evening I went down to Elizabeth Hay’s and we had a talk on religion that I hope was good for both of us. She meets the board at Chicago Monday to see about a position at Assaim.

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