June 9-11, 1914

Tues. June 9, 1914

Studied Math all day  Oh if I can only pass it but I don’t see how its possible because I haven’t studied it all term. By afternoon I got my notebook in shape to hand in and when my head was just buzing[sic] with about 40 formula’s of this order  [outline of a calculus formula]   I decided to go with Clair Weaver in the machine up to Bestors for some straw berries. Well when we had a couple of boxes of berries in the back seat with me he said come on if you’ve got a little time we’ll go for a spin out Main St. so away we went about 45 miles an hr.  Well with the first jump up went the two boxes of berries they upset flew over the seat, the floor, my lap the road everywhere  Oh it was funny. Well we got them picked up, what we could find and then with my hands spread over the two boxes away we went again and those awful berried poped[sic] right out between my fingers. Before I go riding with strawberries again I’ll know it.


Wed. June 10, 1914

Math exam this morning Ugh! There were seven questions and I answered completly[sic] about one and a half and tried several others but I found out afterwards that some of the class didn’t answer any completly[sic] so maby[sic] I’ll pull through. His exams are always terrible.

    This P.M. I had a German exam. Oh I wonder if I passed. The right work was awful and I couldn’t translate much of the English into German – I never can write Exams anyway.

    This evening I couldn’t study much.


Thur. June 11, 1914

This morning I studied Chemistry for about 4 hrs. steady   oh how I worked. This P.M. I took my Chemistry exam and I know I wrote a good paper. It’s such a satisfaction to really do something well. When I got home from that exam and realized that I was actually through with all my exams I was so happy that I could scarcely contain myself.  This evening I went to prayer with no Ralph.

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