June 12 & 13, 1914

Fri. June 12, 1914

This morning I went down town with Mother and bought a hat  it’s a white panama with pink ribbon and beautiful pink roses  I like it  the best of any hat that I’ve had for a long while. This P.M. I worked in the Chemistry lab for three or four hours.

     This evening Ralph came and I wrote chem. exteriments[sic] till I couldn’t think straight. Then we stoped[sic] and the hard part of the evening began. Oh diary he just couldn’t seem to give me up and I was so hard and cruel even in the presence of his great suffering  Oh I don’t see how a woman can be so cruel.  I surprised myself oh diary  haven’t I any heart? He was so big and powerful and kind and eloquent and said if I would only give him till next June that he was sure he could awaken an answering love in me which he would see that I never had cause to regret. And he said if I didn’t care for him then he would go away and I would never hear from him again. He said he wouldn’t feel any worse then than now and that it couldn’t hurt me. He asked me if I cared for any one else and said so long as there wasn’t anyone else that I wanted to go with he didn’t see why we couldn’t go together. Oh diary I can’t write here the things he said  some of them are too sacred for even your pages. But diary I’ll never forget the scene or what happened as long as I live. He wants me to let him know if I change my mind but know I never will. Oh I wish real love would awaken in my heart for someone and that that someone whoever he might be would love me as Ralph loves me. Oh diary, diary, I don’t want to be an old maid and never have anyone to care for me yet I seem to feel that I will be no I will cross that out for if I pray to Got to send me the right one he will do it.


Sat., June 13, 1914

 This morning I wrote Chemistry notes with hardly a minutes rest from 7 A.M. till ten minutes of one for they had to be in by 1:30 and I had to be at the κπ luncheon at the New Burdick by 1:00.  Oh I actually never worked so in my life. Those last Experiments I skipped half of the questions and I suppose I’ve lost my chance at the Chemistry prize. Well I didn’t even stop to wash my face simply jumped into my pink chiffon dress and new hat and flew out to the machine then Clair Weaver whizzed me down to the Hotel and I was there before the reception was over. The luncheon was fine and it seemed as if there were more good things to eat than I ever enjoyed at a banquet. I sat between May Fraser Thompson and Bess Freeman. One of the girls caught a beautiful white Osterich[sic] plume on her hat in an electric fan which lifted the hat right off her head and nearly ruined the feather. It seems a lovely Idea to me for the Kappa Pi’s to have such a luncheon. I hope they keep it up every year  it leaves such a good κ.π. flavor in your mouth for the end of the year. The toasts were all good. Notice the programs in my memory book.

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