Mon., July 27, 1914

Mon. July 27, 1914

No “Chatanooga” today. This morning I went over to the courts and won 4 or 5 love sets from Vera Delano. I think she is lovely so sweet and willing to have me send swift ones.  Edna won a game of dominoes from me also this morning.

    This P.M. we had quite a rain and wind storm early. Then while the atmosphere was clear and everything was clean and dustless Miss Ward and I took a long walk out a rode[sic] towards Allegan that is perfectly beautiful for the scenery and changing view of hills and woods, fields and orchards is grand. Then we found an apple tree beside the road and beneath it the ground was just covered with hissious apples blown off by the wind. Well we ate & ate then filled our waists full untill[sic] we looked perfectly comical  I laughed so. Well going & coming I presume I ate most twenty apples  maby[sic] more but they were small. We got home by supper time and this evening [Rose?] and I decided to “paint the town red” which merely consisted on going to the “movies” and buying some ice cream. I like Miss Ward more every day. No wonder she’s popular  I wish I had such a fine personality.

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